What To Expect From Your PT Appointment

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If you suffer from an injury or illness that affects your functional mobility, you may benefit from physical therapy. For those who have never been to a physical therapist before, the idea can be daunting. You have the appointment set, the time written on your calendar, but do you know what to expect? To ease your anxiety, here is what you should expect during your appointment with a physical therapist.

Dress Code

While there is no dress code when going to the physical therapist, you should dress comfortably. Wear athletic gear, such as athletic shoes, t-shirts and shorts. Some places will have locker rooms if you need to change while you are there. Additionally, wear clothing that allows the PT to access the affected areas of your body easily.

Initial Evaluation

When you arrive, your PT will ask you a variety of questions. These questions may include:

  • How often do you experience symptoms?
  • When did your problem start?
  • How mobile were you before your condition?
  • Do your symptoms recur?
  • Does anything help alleviate your symptoms?

The therapist needs to know the ins and outs of how you feel and the details of your condition. If it helps you to remember your answers, take notes ahead of time. Some patients become nervous and may forget simple details about themselves. Once you answer questions, the PT will take different measurements. They will likely check your range of motion, balance, mobility, and neurological function.

Treatment Plan

Once your physical therapist finishes the evaluation, they will be able to discuss the treatment plan with you. Some PTs will begin the therapy directly following the exam. They may also give a list of exercises that you can do at home to increase the benefits of physical therapy.

As an experienced Austin, TX back pain doctor – including those who work at Austin Physical Therapy – can confirm, how long each appointment will take and how long you will have to continue physical therapy will depend on your condition. You will be given a set of goals and a timeline to meet them. You can always be optimistic about finishing sooner, but you should also stay realistic. You do not want to rush physical therapy. With that said, if you have questions or are experiencing frustrations, make sure to voice them. Your PT can’t help you if they don’t know what is troubling you physically and/or troubling you about the PT process itself. 

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