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Andreas Saltas

Andreas Saltas relocated to Austin in 2023 and has teamed up with Austin Physical Therapy to provide in-person services at our Leander Location. He also has his own company, Bodmechanic where he helps individuals from all over the globe.

From Andreas: My name is Andreas Saltas, I am a licensed Physical Therapist practicing in the state of Texas. I attained my B.S. in Physiotherapy and my M.S in Sports Medicine overseas in Greece and in England. Prior to my entry in the PT program, I was fortunate to work alongside and shadow PT professors at private offices as well as volunteer work at the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. During my studies, I obtained my Certification in Kinesio Tape application and IASTM technique. I continue to improve my knowledge in physical therapy and sports performance undertaking as many continuing education courses as possible such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Postural Restoration Institute, Mulligan and Maitland Concepts, Reflexive Performance Reset, Functional Range Release and Neurokinetic Training. My dream of working on both professional Bodybuilders and Powerlifters became a reality once I moved back to the United States. I have also been fortunate enough to break into the NFL working with players from the NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills.

I do not view my line of work as a passion but as my PURPOSE to provide the best care possible to all patients/clients. I see the human body as a fascinating complex puzzle. An injury that the human body sustains will lead to other dysfunctions and compensatory patterns later in life regardless of when the injury originated. Identifying those patterns is what makes my line of work both exciting and challenging. The challenge is what drives and motivates me every single day. I will do whatever it takes to solve every single puzzle that is placed in front of me because I truly believe that is what is best for my patients/clients.

Cullen Nigrini

Cullen Nigrini is Austin’s first Physical Therapist to obtain board certification in both Sport and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.
He is a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer working with elite athletes since 1999. After leaving Austin to work in professional basketball for three NBA seasons he returned to form Elite Athletic Therapy, PLLC in 2013 and is the creator and owner of Austin Physical Therapy.

Nigrini has worked directly as a Physical Therapist and or an Athletic Trainer in the NCAA, NBA, NFL and privately treats elite athletes daily.

He also holds several advanced certifications and draws from a diverse experience with elite athletes, surgical rehabilitation and complicated pain cases separating Austin Physical Therapy from the pack.

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