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Physical Therapist in Austin, Texas

Physical Therapist Austin, TXA professional physical therapist in Austin, TX, can make all the difference to your recovery. You might be seeking a physical therapist for a number of reasons: you could have experienced a sport-related injury, or you could be recovering from an operation or other medical procedure. You might even be looking for a way to alleviate chronic pain. Whatever the case, a physical therapist can help you get back to feeling 100%, and before you look for one, you should get informed on what to expect from a physical therapist.

What does physical therapy entail?

When you meet with a qualified physical therapist, you can expect personalized care and a game plan that will help you recover. A physical therapist can help you plan out exercise routines, monitor your progress, and work closely with you to develop a plan for your recovery that includes attainable goals. Every case is different, and some physical therapists only focus on certain types of recovery or rehabilitation.

Why should I see a physical therapist?

Seeing a physical therapist in the Austin, TX, area is essential if you’re hoping to regain mobility. While some physical therapists have specific specialties, there are major reasons to consider contacting a physical therapist:

  • Post-operative recovery: If you have recently undergone surgery or any other intensive medical procedure, you might have been out of commission for some time. This can cause a lack of motor function or mobility, and a physical therapist can help you regain what you had lost after your operation.


  • Sports injury management: Sometimes we play hard, and sometimes we play too hard. If you have injured yourself on the field, a qualified physical therapist can help you develop a recovery plan that will get you back to 100%, so you can get back in the game stronger than ever before.


  • Chronic/Nagging pain: Chronic pain doesn’t have to be a burden. Physical therapists can help you develop an exercise plan to ease chronic pain, and can work closely with you to make living with your chronic pain easier.

In short, physical therapists help you manage your physical recovery, whether you were injured playing a sport or a recent surgery patient. They’ll monitor your progress, and help you develop personalized exercise plans. This takes a lot of commitment from both you and your physical therapist, but it’s the price to pay for a recovery and a return to normal life. 

Can pregnant women benefit from physical therapy?

Pregnant women frequently benefit from Austin, TX physical therapy services. Some physical therapy needs—rehabilitating repetitive stress injuries resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, for example—are unaffected by pregnancy status. Other physical therapy needs—rehabilitating a leg fracture, for example—may be modified depending upon how far along a patient is in her pregnancy.

Additionally, the experienced team at Austin Physical Therapy often assist pregnant women with conditions associated with pregnancy. Physical therapy can help to treat pregnancy-related back pain and stresses on the body caused by carrying so much weight in a single place. If you are pregnant and are considering physical therapy, connect with our team today to learn more about your options and about our approach and about how we treat pregnant women for pregnancy-related and non-related conditions alike.

Do physical therapists work with patients of all ages?

Individuals of all ages can benefit from Austin, TX physical therapy services. Although some very young and elderly patients may benefit from highly specialized care tailored to the unique needs of their age group, there is absolutely no age restriction when it comes to the benefits of physical therapy. Imagine, for a moment, a sleep-deprived new parent bicycling their infant child’s legs in order to help them pass gas. This is just a single example of how even the youngest among us benefit from highly specific physical stimulation and assistance in order to maximize the body’s processes.

No matter your age, if you are struggling with pain, mobility, or physical recovery, the team at Austin Physical Therapy may be able to help. Call us today to learn more.

What if I’m unsure of whether I need physical therapy?

Seeking any kind of new medical treatment can be a little daunting. An individual’s apprehension about seeking assistance can be exacerbated if they are unsure of whether they need help and/or whether a certain kind of treatment might afford them any real benefits. If you are unsure of whether you could benefit from physical therapy, that’s okay! Schedule a risk-free consultation with our team in order to explain your situation and learn about whether Austin, TX physical therapy services might be a good fit for you. When it comes to physical therapy, knowledge is power and it truly never hurts to explore your options.

Does physical therapy involve more than “just” exercise?

The experienced Texas team at Austin Physical Therapy utilizes a variety of techniques in order to serve our patients. While most of our patients do benefit from specific exercises in assisted (in-office) and solo (at-home) capacities, physical therapy often involves much more than exercise. In addition to performing detailed assessments and evaluations, our team may recommend dry needling, taping, manual pressure, traction, and/or alternative approaches to healing. Your treatment plan will be uniquely tailored to suit your needs and your needs alone. Your physical therapy needs may or may not extend beyond exercise-based treatment. If you have questions about recommended approaches, by all means, ask!

Austin Physical Therapy

If you need a dedicated physical therapist who can provide expert personalized care, look no further than Austin Physical Therapy. We provide a broad range of physical therapy, including for sports injury management, chronic/nagging pain, and post-operative recovery. We develop personalized plans for each patient, and we have firsthand experience with what our patients might be going through: at Austin Physical Therapy, we’re athletes and trainers, and we know you need to be at your best.

When it comes to physical therapy, it pays to have personalized care from professionals who are just as committed to your recovery as you are. There’s no reason to delay getting your life back to normal. Reach out to a qualified physical therapist in Austin TX, and contact Austin Physical Therapy today.

4 Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapy from an experienced Austin physical therapist can be beneficial in many ways that you may have not even considered. No matter the reason you are considering physical therapy or your health history, you likely can find benefits from physical therapy. At Austin Physical Therapy our therapist can meet with you to do an evaluation and determine your therapy needs and goals and then begin to create a custom treatment plan for you. Don’t put off getting the treatment you need, give us a call today to get started on your healing and recovery!

  1. Reduced Pain
    If daily or frequent pain is bothering you in a particular area of your body, you likely need to see an Austin physical therapist in order to discuss your pain, what may be causing it, and treatment options for relieving your pain. Physical therapy will work to reduce your pain naturally and treat the underlying issue that is causing the pain. You don’t need to live your life in pain, there is treatment available from a physical therapist at Austin Physical Therapy. 
  2. Accident or Injury Recovery
    After suffering from an accident or some type of injury, you may find physical therapy to be very beneficial for supporting your body in healing and recovery. Not receiving therapy could cause your body to suffer further injuries and keep your body from healing properly. Your therapist will want to discuss your injury or accident with you in order to determine your treatment needs and put together a treatment plan that is specific to your body and healing. 
  3. Increased Strength
    No matter your pain or injury issues, supporting the body with increased muscle and strength can assist your body in functioning at its fullest potential and help you keep from suffering further injuries. Your therapist can discuss your strength and muscle building goals with you and include exercises in your treatment plan that will support your body’s overall functionality and health with muscle. Supporting your body with improved strength can also help to prevent future injuries and pains. 
  4. Improved Mobility
    It can be frustrating to lose mobility, whether it is caused by pain, muscle and tendon issues, or other reasons. Your Austin physical therapist can work with you to improve your mobility and get your body back to functioning the way it did before – or possibly better than ever. A decrease in mobility can make it impossible for you to complete daily tasks or do the things that you love, but your therapist from Austin Physical Therapy can help you to restore your mobility and get back to living the life that you love and enjoying the hobbies that you used to do. 

Call Our Office Today

No matter your medical history or pain issues, we would be happy to do an evaluation with you at Austin Physical Therapy. Don’t wait to get started on your journey to a pain-free life with improved mobility and quality of life. Call us today to schedule your initial appointment.

Common Sports Injury Myths

Playing sports comes with many benefits, from maintaining a healthy weight to reducing stress. Unfortunately, however, playing sports can also increase your risk of getting injured. Common sports injuries include rotator cuff injuries, sprains and shoulder injuries. There have also been many untruths circulating sports injuries over the years.

Here are common sports injury myths that you should not believe.

  • You should play through pain. Some athletes think that they should tough it out and play through their pain. This is a huge mistake. If you try to play through acute pain, you could risk an even more serious injury. To avoid this, stop playing as soon as you feel pain and see an Austin sports injury doctor immediately.
  • Heat is best to treat a sports injury. This is another common myth. After you sustain a sports injury, you should actually apply ice to the area to reduce the swelling. If you use heat, on the other hand, it could actually make the swelling worse.
  • Stretching can prevent sports injuries. For many years, it was believed that stretching before playing a sport prevented injuries. However, stretching can actually weaken your muscles. It is much more effective to do a proper warmup before getting on the field. For example, you could walk around, do jumping jacks or run in place. These exercises will help warm up your muscles and make you less prone to injuries.
  • Rest is best for sports injuries. If you have just sustained a sports injury, you might think that resting is the best way to get better. Although you do need to take it easy after an injury, you do not want to completely stop moving around. If you just lie in bed all day, you may actually weaken your muscles and prolong your recovery time. Instead, move around a little each day to promote blood flow to the area. For example, you may be able to go for a short walk.
  • Surgery is the best way to treat sports injuries. If you suffer a sports injury, don’t automatically assume that you will have to go under the knife. Surgery should only be used in the most extreme cases because it does come with risks. There are several non-invasive treatments you should try before surgery, such as physical therapy. A therapist may use various therapies, like massage, ultrasound and cold therapy. He or she may also show you exercises to do at home to treat your injury.
  • Being strong will prevent sports injuries. Although having strength can help you perform better on the field, it will not necessarily prevent you from getting injured. Even the strongest athletes run the risk of injuries. Proper training and form are better ways to reduce your risk of injuries.


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