Cost of Telehealth

Visit Type

Initial Telehealth Visit

Establish telehealth system and determine your plan of care. Insurance may cover some or all of your visit.  Plan for 15-30 minutes. See Covid Updates to learn about how to get ready for your visit.

Follow-up Telehealth Visit

Depending on your condition and availability your follow-up visits will be determined by you on the recommendation of your therapist. Insurance may cover some or all of this visit. Visits last 8 to 40 minutes

1-hour Performance Telehealth visit

This is a cash-pay visit and will not be covered by insurance. These visits are by request and can provide you the help you need to create a comprehensive exercise plan. TPI Golf screen or general consult. Again insurance will not be utilized as this is for a healthy individual looking for performance help. If you are injured or have pain we need to see you for an initial telehealth visit.

Telehealth In-Network Insurance

We will verify your insurance for Telehealth benefits, please know rules have been changing daily. We will do our best to have upfront pricing. We want to offer services, for our out-of-network patients we will work hard to have your insurance cover sessions. We do fee per visit in the case your insurance does not provide any remuneration for our sessions. If sessions are not covered by your out of network plan, your max out-of-pocket charge will be $75.00

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas




Aetna, Cigna, United HealthCare and all others not listed

Physical Therapy

All physical therapy visits require a prescription from an approved provider. Once your prescription is received we will work to verify your insurance benefits and determine level of coverage. Please note not all insurance plans cover physical therapy and Austin Physical Therapy does not particpate with Medicare. Austin Physical Therapy is an in-network provider for some but not all insurance but we will verify prior to your evaluation.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Cash pay rate is $150 per visit, insurance may cover all or some of your costs

Physical Therapy Follow-Up

Cash pay rate is $150 per visit, insurance may cover all or some of your costs

Phone Consult

15-minute phone consultation

Mobile Physical Therapy Visit

Subject to therapist availability, physical therapy services may be provided at the patient’s home, office, gym or otherwise arranged location. After-hours and weekend fees may also apply.

Performance and Recovery Services

Performance services do not require a prescription and will not be covered by insurance

Recovery Pump Compression Treatment

30minute treatment $40

60minute treatment $60

Performance Dry Needling Session

30 minute session $85

60 minute session $150

Titleist Golf TPI Medical Screening

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