Knee Pain Doctor Austin, TX

Knee Pain Doctor Austin, TX

Many people experience knee pain throughout their life, as a knee pain doctor in Austin, TX knows. Knee pain can happen because you pushed too hard when you were working out, you were carrying heavy groceries when you went up four flights to your apartment, or because you tweaked it when you played a pickup game of football over the weekend. Whatever the reason, knee pain can come and go or it can linger and make daily activities much harder. When you are experiencing knee pain and are looking for a solution to help you get back on your feet comfortably, turn to the team at Austin Physical Therapy. We can help you understand what is causing your knee pain and learn which pain management solution is right for you. 

How will a knee doctor diagnose your knee pain? 

There are a few ways that a knee pain doctor in Austin, Texas may choose to diagnose your knee pain. When you go in for your first appointment, here are a few questions you can expect to answer? 

  • What were you doing when you noticed the knee pain for the first time?
  • How long has the knee pain been going on?
  • Where is your knee pain located (to the side, above your knee cap, behind your knee)?
  • What medication have you been taking, if any, for your knee pain?
  • Do certain activities make your knee pain worse? 
  • Has your knee pain been bad enough to interrupt daily activities? 

These are all important questions to answer so that your doctor can get an understanding of what kind of treatment will follow and what other kinds of diagnostic techniques may be needed to determine precisely where the knee pain is and what caused it. 

But I didn’t do anything to my knee. What happened? 

It is still possible to have knee pain if you didn’t specifically injure your knee. Your knee may have pain because you injured another area of your body, including your hips, thigh, lower back, or calf. If your activity level recently changed and you are overexerting another part of your body, your knee may still have pain that needs to be dealt with in addition to other pain. 

Where can I go for pain relief? 

When you need pain relief for your knees, the physical therapists at Austin Physical Therapy are here to help. Knee pain can be debilitating and you want to get the help you need. Speak with our Austin, Texas knee pain doctor today for more information.

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