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If your ACL is torn or otherwise troubling you, connect with our ACL rehab physical therapyAustin, TX team to determine whether our services can help. Whether you’re in a pre-surgery or post-surgery phase of healing (or you’re foregoing surgery in the hopes that physical therapy and time will lead to a full recovery), the trusted team at Austin Physical Therapy may be able to get you back—solidly—on your feet.

The anterior cruciate ligament is commonly known as the human body’s “ACL.” This ligament serves as a critical structure in knee joint kinematics. As a result, when an ACL tears or otherwise becomes significantly compromised, the structure of the knee (and all activities that the knee plays a role in) becomes significantly affected. The providers at Austin Physical Therapy have extensive experience aiding ACL patients in their recovery in pre-surgery, post-surgery, and non-surgical capacities. No matter how your injury occurred or how extensive it is, chances are that physical therapy will play an important role in your recovery process.

How Involved is ACL Physical Therapy?

The complexity of the physical therapy process always depends upon a patient’s circumstances. How severe is the injury in question? Is the patient otherwise in good health? How old is the patient? How committed is the patient to making as full of a recovery as possible? ACL injuries range from minor to complete ruptures. Once the knowledgeable team at our Austin, TX ACL rehab physical therapy understands your unique situation, we’ll be able to personalize a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Depending on your circumstances, you may require physical therapy before and/or after surgery. Additionally, you may require some follow-up physical therapy down the road, whether you opt for surgical intervention or not. Many injuries that heal very well initially tend to bother patients either as they age or following some sort of re-injury scenario. With that said, committing fully to your recovery process is key to getting everything you can out of physical therapy. No one can make you do your “homework” exercises, etc. for example. Only you can determine how important it is to you to heal as fully as you can. Our team will provide you with the tools and resources you’ll need to heal. The choice to utilize these resources to their fullest extent or not is up to you.

Physical Therapy Services Are Available

If you have recently torn or otherwise injured your ACL and could benefit from physical therapy, don’t wait. Connect with the experienced Texas PT team at Austin Physical Therapy today to learn more about our approach and our services. ACL injuries are notoriously painful and take time to heal. Focusing on the healing process is important because if your approach is not targeted, you may suffer negative effects from your injury well into the future. Start healing with purpose and intention now. Call our trusted Austin, TX ACL rehab physical therapy team today to get started; we look forward to speaking with you.

If you are requiring ACL rehab physical therapy Austin, TX residents rely on, let us first extend our regards: We at Austin TX Physical Therapy know how painful ACL injuries can be, and we are sorry to learn that you have experienced such an injury. On a more promising note, the second message we would like to send to you is that we can help!

Understanding ACL Injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (or ACL) is one of the integral structural elements found within the knee, along with the other cruciate ligaments and the menisci. As a ligament, the ACL connects a bone to another bone; specifically, it originates at the femur (thigh) and attaches to the tibia (shin). Due to its positioning, it significantly helps to prevent anterior knee/tibial translation—the sliding of the tibia in relation to the femur. If the ACL is torn, the stability of the knee is compromised, and sliding may occur. When it slides 7 millimeters or more, it is typically diagnosed as an ACL injury. It’s amazing how much pain a quarter of an inch of sliding can cause, isn’t it?!

As you are probably familiar with, the anterior drawer test is typically performed to diagnose an ACL injury, and imaging is often ordered to determine the severity of a tear if one is suspected. A complete tear of the ACL usually always requires surgical intervention while partial tears may or may not. ACL sprains are an even more mild injury than partial tears: When an ACL is overstretched but not torn, it is considered a sprain.

Often, further knee damage is associated with ACL injuries. This can present itself in a meniscus or other cruciate ligament. Because of the ACL’s poor vascularity (blood flow), the healing process may be difficult if rehab is not performed consistently and properly. That is why it is imperative for ACL-injury patients to find an experienced physical therapist for ACL rehab physical therapy Austin, TX. 

The Rehab Process

After sustaining a knee injury, most patients suffer minor atrophy of the leg muscles due to a lack of use. Because of this weakness in the leg, physical therapy does not stop after the ACL injury itself has resolved. For this reason, along with the fact that ACL injuries naturally take a considerable time to recover, it is important to remember that rehabilitation for this condition is a marathon, not a sprint; keep in mind that you won’t be running either if you have an ACL injury—not for a while at least. But we’ll help you make progress back toward your pre-injury lifestyle! 

By adhering to a consistent rehab regiment as prescribed by your physical therapist, you can make significant strides toward regained function. If you suspect you have experienced an ACL injury, visit your primary care provider immediately so that you can receive treatment as soon as possible. As you transition from acute to pre- and post-surgical (if necessary) rehab, you can make gradual improvements toward recovering from this unfortunate injury. Contact us at Austin Physical Therapy today to learn more about what ACL rehab physical therapy in Austin, TX, can look like for you!

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