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Ankle Sprain Doctor Austin, TXAnatomy

Finding a good doctor to treat ankle sprains in Austin, Texas is important for both athletes and non-athletes that may experience injury. The ankle is a complex joint, and it is at risk for sprains or other injuries. The ankle joint is also called the talocrural joint, and it is formed by the tibia, fibula, and the bones of the foot. Functionally, it is a hinge joint that allows for dorsiflexion (toes pointed up) and plantarflexion (toes pointed down) of the foot. Two other joints make up the ankle, including the subtalar joint, which is a plane joint that allows for foot inversion and eversion. The other joint that makes up the ankle is the inferior tibiofibular joint, which is a fibrous joint, meaning that it allows for less movement than the former two joints. However, it accommodates the motion of the talocrural joint. 

What is a sprain?

Sprains are a stretching or tearing of ligaments. Ligaments are the fibrous connective tissue that connects bone to bone. This type of injury can be caused in several different ways:

  • Landing awkwardly on your foot following a jump or quick turn
  • A fall that results in a twisting of the ankle
  • By having another person step or land on your ankle 
  • Walking or running on an uneven surface 
  • Wearing ill fitting or improper shoes that cause you to twist your ankle  

A sprain should be treated quickly, as there is damage done to the supporting tissues of the ankle and stability is oftentimes compromised. 

Symptoms of an ankle sprain

Oftentimes, a person is able to tell that they have injured their ankle, but a proper diagnosis from a doctor in Austin, Texas is necessary in order to adequately treat an ankle sprain. Common symptoms of a sprain include:

  • A popping noise at the time of the injury
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain while putting weight on the ankle and tenderness when touching the ankle. 
  • A limited range of motion


It is important to stop physical activity and get adequate rest following an ankle sprain in order to prevent making the injury worse. A common treatment method for mild cases is known as the RICE method, which is an acronym that stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If you continue to experience pain, swelling, and tenderness, or if these symptoms continue to get worse, reach out to a doctor to decide your next course of treatment. 

In other cases, seeing a physical therapist may be recommended as part of your treatment plan. Physical therapists help individuals to reduce their pain, regain their strength and balance, and teach proper movement patterns to lower the risk of ankle injuries from occurring again. 

Cullen Nigrini is board certified in both Sport and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and has been dedicated to working with athletes since 1999. He is experienced in treating ankle sprains and developing plans to get both athletes and non-athletes back to doing the things they love. If you are looking for an ankle sprain doctor in Austin, Texas to aid in your recovery and treatment, call Austin Physical Therapy at 512-985-2200 or reach him by email [email protected] to schedule your evaluation. 

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