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Car Accident DoctorPhysical therapy following a car accident 

There is often a lot of stress that comes following a car accident, so it is important to find a quality doctor in Austin, Texas that can treat your injuries and get you back to feeling more like yourself. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to see a doctor who can give you a proper examination and talk to you about your course of treatment. Physical therapy is commonly recommended to individuals who have been hurt after an accident and are wanting to regain full function of what has been injured.

Common injuries following a car accident

Depending on the severity of the car accident, there are many different injuries that a person can endure. The following is a list of some of the most common injuries seen after an accident:

  • Back injuries and pain are very common after a crash, as human spines are not well suited to handle very heavy and sudden impacts.
  • Neck injuries are also extremely common. The sudden and sometimes unexpected jolt a person experiences during a crash will cause their head to be rapidly jerked to the side or back-and-forth. This quick movement will often cause a person to experience whiplash
  • Fractured and/or broken bones 
  • Injury to various joints including
          1. Knees    
          2. Foot and ankle 
          3. Shoulders 
          4. Wrist and hand 

Common symptoms following an accident 

There is a high chance of feeling some residual pain and aches after a vehicular crash. These are the symptoms that are most often seen, but this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Bruising
  • Feeling sore and/or having body aches 
  • Swelling 
  • Decreased range of motion 
  • Numbness and tingling 

If you have experienced these symptoms, or others, for an extended amount of time following your car accident, visit a doctor in Austin, Texas to get you started on a rehabilitation program. 

What to expect at physical therapy 

Physical therapy is oftentimes recommended to those that have experienced a car accident, as it is an important part to the recovery process. During your initial appointment, known as an evaluation, the therapist will ask about your injury history and examine the area that is causing discomfort. They will then develop a personalized exercise and therapy program to get you back to feeling more like yourself. 

Different clinics offer different services, but these are a few of those that are offered at Austin Physical Therapy:

  • Dry needling – Certifications are required in order for Physical Therapists to perform dry needling. Thin needles are placed into the skin and treat various muscle trigger points that may limit function, decrease range of motion, cause pain, or lead to tenderness. 
  • Blood flow restriction training (BFR) – This is a technique that occludes blood flow to different limbs through the use of cuffs that are pumped with air. By limiting blood flow, the muscles are able to get worked on without the need for excessive loads, so individuals doing BFR training are able to perform exercises at a lower intensity. Following a BFR session, there is an increased growth hormone response that promotes muscle hypertrophy. 
  • Manual therapy- Manual therapy involves hands-on manipulation done by a therapist. There are various benefits, including an increase in range of motion, a decrease in pain, a lowering of swelling, and/or allowing for the patient to relax. 

If you are wanting to find a dependable car accident doctor in Austin, Texas to help you following a car accident, consider Austin Physical Therapy. Both of our therapists, Cullen Nigrini and Dr. Robert Killebrew, are specialized in orthopedics and have years of experience treating individuals with many different conditions and injuries. Schedule your evaluation today by calling 512-985-2200 or emailing [email protected]

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