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Sports Doctor Austin, TXAs a sports doctor in Austin, TX knows, when you live an active lifestyle, it is not uncommon to suffer from back injuries and pain. Especially if you play sports that are particularly rough like football, hockey, or rugby, you may not be a stranger to back pain. While this is common, if you are experiencing back pain that lingers and lasts more than a few weeks, it is time to bring in the professionals. You want to ensure you are getting the help you need for your back pain or what could have been a short-term injury could turn into chronic pain. If you would like to see how the team at Austin Physical Therapy can help you, please give our office a call today.

Determining How To Help You

Your Austin, Texas sports doctor knows that before creating any type of treatment program for you, they must determine what caused the injury in the first place. You could be dealing with an injury that needs treatment in the form of:

  • Stabilization exercises. When you begin having a problem with the muscles that stabilize your spine, it is time to see a doctor. These muscles can become weak and allow your spine to move in ways it is not supposed to. Stabilization exercises can help to train those muscles to better stabilize your spine.
  • Mobilization exercises. If you are experiencing stiffness in your spine and do not have the range of motion that you used to, mobilization therapy may be the right choice. One common form is chiropractic care. This can give patients the mobility and range of motion that they were lacking.

Can I perform treatment exercises at home? 

We do not recommend skipping out on seeing your sports doctor when you are experiencing back pain. That said, your treatment will likely not just be in the office. Instead, your doctor will give you different exercises and techniques that can help you to continue improving when you are at home. This is often the best combination of treatment to get you healing and allow you to get back on your feet again quickly.

Who can I turn to for help? 

When you are looking for help after you injured your back playing sports, look no further than Austin Physical Therapy. Our team can come up with solutions to help you with your back pain. Call now to schedule an appointment with our sports doctor Austin, Texas patients rely on today.

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