New Course Alert for Rehab and Allied Health Practitioners!

Join us at our Leander location at True Grind Systems to learn from our Physical Therapist Andreas Saltas, Owner/Creator of Bodmechanic.

Please email for questions or help registering to [email protected]

You may sign up for the course through Venmo, please include your email in the contact.

Name of Course: “Neuroeccentric Rehab and Performance of the
Overhead Athlete”

Dates: July 20th
to the 21st

Times: 9 am to 6 pm both days

Price: $397 paid through Venmo @bodmechanic

Ideal Population: Fitness Coaches and Medical Professionals

Speakers: Andreas Saltas PT, DPT
Rachel Mann CPT

Content of Course:
Statistcs and Anatomy of the Shoulder Complex
Resisted Motor Control Drills of the Shoulder Complex
Mind-Muscle Connections
Nerve Mobilization
Ligament Manual Therapy
Vision and Vestibular Integration
Cranial Nerve Stacks
And More

“Join us for an immersive 2-day workshop titled “Neuro Eccentric
Rehab and Performance for The Overhead Athlete.” This
comprehensive course is designed for fitness and medical
professionals dedicated to enhancing the performance and
rehabilitation of overhead athletes or general shoulder rehab and

performance. Participants will delve into cutting-edge techniques
and evidence-based practices, gaining hands-on experience in
neuro eccentric rehab and training methods. By the end of the
workshop, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to optimize
athlete performance, prevent injuries, and implement advanced
rehabilitation strategies. Whether you’re working with seasoned
professionals or aspiring athletes, this course will equip you with
the skills and knowledge to elevate your practice”


What will be provided after the workshop:
1) Certificate of Attendance to allow for submission to your licensing body (formal CEUs with credentialling agencies are not available at this time)
2) Video Recordings for Motor Control Drills, Neuromechanic Drills, Sensory Assessments, Mind-Muscle Connections and Ligament Techniques
3) Research Archive
4) 15% Discount for NeuMove Mentorship Program on next enrollment period
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