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Sports Injury Doctor Austin, TX

Sports Injury Doctor Austin, TX

As a sports injury doctor in Austin, TX understands, when you live an active lifestyle, you are opening yourself up to minor and major injuries. Does this mean you should not play sports anymore? Of course not! It means that you should be prepared for an injury, take preventative measures, and know the right protocol for healing and treatment after you have become injured. The team at Austin Physical Therapy is here to help you when you are in the recovery process after you have been injured from participating in sports. Remember, when you allow yourself the time to heal from your injury and the patience to heal correctly, you can be back in the game and better than ever.

Why Physical Therapy for a Sports Injury?

Every patient’s situation is unique. When acute injuries occur, chronic conditions flare, or the body simply otherwise “just won’t cooperate,” services provided by Austin Physical Therapy can help patients to mitigate pain, improve mobility and range of motion, and otherwise “get back in the game.” Sometimes, that “game” is daily life itself. Other times, the “game” in question is a recreational, school-level, semi-professional, or professional sport.

If you are an athlete who is navigating physical challenges—including, but not limited to, pain, limited range of mobility, prohibitive muscle tightness, decreased coordination, etc.—that could potentially benefit from a targeted physical therapy program, connect with our Austin, TX sports injury doctor team to explore your options. Once our practitioners have thoroughly evaluated your circumstances, we will provide you with personalized feedback, designed to help you determine whether physical therapy is the right move for you at this time.

With that said, most sports injuries benefit from at least one kind of physical therapy service or another at some point along the journey to recovery. Therefore, you may want to go ahead and contact your insurance provider to make sure that your services are covered and to inquire about whether you’ll need a referral before you can benefit from covered services. Being proactive about the practical side of recovery can help you to focus all of your effort and energy on healing once your physical therapy program has begun.

Is Physical Therapy Right for All Sports Injuries?

No single treatment approach is right for every single injury type. It is, therefore, important to speak freely and honestly with our Austin, TX sports injury doctor team about your circumstances before committing to a plan of action. Depending upon the nature of your unique situation, you may need to explore the possibility of surgery (for example) before you will be able to benefit fully from all that physical therapy has to offer.

The knowledgeable team at Austin Physical Therapy are but some of the players in your overall medical care team. You may need to consult with your primary physician and/or a specialist about whether you should be utilizing physical therapy in addition to other therapies or whether you need to explore other options primarily before committing to a physical therapy plan. When appropriate, we will collaborate with other members of your care team to ensure that you’re getting access to all the information that you’ll need to make informed decisions about your health.

When Can I Play Again?

As previously discussed, there is no “single approach” that works for every injured athlete. The timeline of your road to recovery will be unique because you, yourself, are unique. With that said, the experienced Texas team at Austin Physical Therapy will do what we can to provide you with a realistic timeline and realistic expectations so that you can plan your return to sport with intention and focus.

Types of Injuries To Your Ankle and Foot

A trusted Austin, Texas sports injury doctor knows that in any type of sports, foot and ankle injuries are extremely common. You may experience:

  •       Different sprains. It is possible to have low or high ankle sprains. With low ankle sprains, you will likely experience mild pain, swelling, and tenderness. Typically, this is something that will heal relatively quickly, unless it is a more serious sprain. High ankle sprains are more severe and you may be unable to put weight on the ankle. With this type of injury, you may need to wear a boot during the recovery process and it could take around two months to get back to being active.
  •       Achilles injuries. You may experience different injuries with your Achilles tendon, including when you have tendonitis or when it ruptures. In the former, you may experience serious inflammation and have a hard time walking. In the latter, you may hear a pop when your Achilles tendon ruptures and be unable to walk on that foot. Surgery is common for this injury. 

Although minor injuries may heal on their own with rest, relaxation, and ice, it is always best to get the opinion of a doctor, especially when you are hoping to raise your activity level soon. There may be certain treatments that will speed up the recovery process or your doctor may tell you to strictly stay off your feet if they think you are at risk for a permanent injury. If you were recently injured while playing sports and are hoping to seek professional medical help, do not hesitate to contact the team at Austin Physical Therapy. Our sports injury doctor in Austin, Texas has helped many people and looks forward to helping you get back in the game too.

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