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Physical Therapy, Sports Injury

Physical therapists are highly trained medical professionals who are trained in the movement and function of the body. The majority of patients who seek relief from a physical therapist in Austin, TX are usually struggling with some level of pain. When conditions or injuries cause pain and interfere with a patient’s life, a physical therapist can provide treatment to enable them to enjoy life again.

In addition to providing treatments to help alleviate chronic pain, physical therapists also work with patients to help them avoid surgery, prevent injury, and prevent loss of movement.

At Austin Physical Therapy in Austin Texas, our physical therapists also work with athletes to identify any potential issues that may be developing and to come up with a treatment program that will help prevent these issues.

Our physical therapists use a hands-on medical approach, combining both exercise and functional training in our treatment programs. Your treatment program could include stretching exercises, joint mobilization, muscle massage, and ultrasound. It may also include exercises to perform at home, as well as ice and heat therapy.

Your Initial Evaluation

When you meet with a physical therapist from Austin Physical Therapy for your initial evaluation, we will discuss your medical history and any current issues you may be experiencing. We will also discuss the level of pain you are suffering from and how the pain is limiting your activity and/or impacting your day-to-day life.

There are certain tests your physical therapist may do during your initial evaluation, depending on what physical issues you are having. These tests may include:

  • Assessment of posture – During this test, your physical therapist will check the position of the joints compared to what the ideal position should be.
  • Muscle testing – Your physical therapist will check your muscles to see the quality of contractions and strength. With this test, the therapist is looking for any pain and weakness associated with contractions.
  • Neurological screening – The physical therapist may also want to evaluate how the patient’s nerves are communicating with the muscles, including how they sense pain, temperature, touch, and vibration.
  • Palpations – The therapist will touch the area where the pain is coming from, checking for any swelling, tenderness, tissue temperature, inflammation, soft tissue integrity, and more.
  • Range of motion (ROM) – With this test, the physical therapist will move the joints of the patient to determine what the quality of movement is and if there are any restrictions to that movement.

There are a variety of other tests that your physical therapist may want to perform to either rule out or confirm any additional issues or problems. These tests are determined by what the patient’s complaints or condition are.

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Our Services

Post Injury / Postoperative Rehabilitation

Comprehensive rehabilitation programs utilizing evidence-based practices and the most current techniques.

Manual Therapy

Help improve function, decrease pain and enhance overall health and wellness. Austin Physical Therapy in Austin Texas is pleased to offer comprehensive treatment

Chronic Pain Therapy

Utilizing Reflexive Pattern Therapy work to eliminate pain with instant change then shift work on your wellness journey Austin's home for Reflexive Pattern Therapy

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How We Can Help You

With Golf specific physical therapy Screen your physical ability to assist your golf game. Be evaluated with the Titliest Performance Institute Medical Professional System and feel better on the back 9.

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Board certification by the ABPTS exists to promote the highest possible level of care for individuals seeking physical therapy services in each specialty area. Receive treatment from Austin's first physical therapist to be dual board certified in Sports and Orthopedics since 2012

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    "Fantastic physical therapist. Very knowledgeable, compassionate, and experienced. He is flexible in scheduling and careful to take how you are doing into account at each session. Highly recommend."
    Colby Evans
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