Motorcycle Accident Preventative Measures

Motorcycle Accident Preventative Measures - rider on scenic highway

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why using a motorcycle puts you at risk for being in a serious crash that can result in devastating injuries or fatality. One of the main reasons is that even the smallest debris or obstacles, such as cracks in the road or wet pavement, can lead to accidents. Another leading reason why motorcycle accidents occur is because there are reckless car drivers on the road who are not watching out for the safety of others. Those who were injured in a motorcycle accident may wonder how they’re going to pay their medical bills, and handle other losses while trying to recover from their injuries.

Thankfully, there is recourse for those who have suffered in motorcycle accidents, so getting help from a lawyer, similar to a team member at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, is a wise choice when pursuing compensation from the at-fault driver or other party involved. If you are someone that operates a motorcycle on a regular basis, consider taking these preventative measures. 

Keeping Your Speed Down

The quicker you travel, the less time you have to react to debris or changing road conditions. For example, speeding can make it more difficult to see an approaching turn, causing you to go into the corner too fast. You may have to hit the brakes too hard and it can launch you off your motorcycle. If you ride through the corner going too fast, you may turn too hard and the bike may slide out from underneath you.

Looking Behind When Halting

Cars tend to rear-end motorcycles when a rider is stopping at a light, stop sign, or intersection. When you stop, be sure to look behind you to see if a car is approaching from behind too quickly. The driver may not realize you stopped or that there is even an intersection up ahead. Keep your bike in gear so you can swerve out of the way if a car looks like it is about to hit you. 

Not Riding Between Traffic

As a motorcycle accident lawyer explains, while it may seem appealing to get through traffic faster, swerving between active traffic and parked cars can turn dangerous. The reason for this is because a driver could open their car door and you slam right into it, a car could pull out ahead and you may crash, or a pedestrian could step into the road or crosswalk and you won’t have enough time to slow and avoid hitting them. 

Performing Routine Maintenance

Ensuring that your bike is always in great running condition can reduce the chances of a crash. Perform regular inspections and maintenance on your engine, tires, brakes, turn signals, and headlamps. Defective parts could become faulty while the bike is in motion, potentially contributing to why the motorcycle accident happened in the first place. Also be sure to use proper protective gear and a helmet that is sized well for you. Damaged gear should be replaced before getting back onto a motorcycle. 

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