At-Home Exercises For Chiropractic Care


When you are first starting out a chiropractic treatment plan, your chiropractor may recommend that you also regularly do at-home exercises so that you can get the most of your treatment. As a chiropractor like one from AmeriWell Clinics can explain, home exercises can help you warm up and cool down in between your chiropractic sessions, keeping your body moving and promoting blood flow. There are plenty of simple home exercises that you can do to improve your flexibility and minimize pain. 

Posture Exercises

Improving your posture can ease pressure and stress off of your joints and muscles. Slouching can result in bad posture, which can lead to soreness in the neck and shoulder area. Being aware of your posture throughout the day and making the correct adjustments can help you gradually correct it. Simple yoga poses like child’s pose, cat cow and forward folds are highly beneficial for gradually improving your posture. 

Shoulder Pain Exercises

A stiff or tense shoulder can limit your spinal mobility. If lifting your arms causes you pain or discomfort, doing shoulder exercises can greatly help you. Focus on exercises that lengthen and stretch out the shoulders so you can achieve an increased range of motion. Exercises such as twists and downward dog to release tension in the shoulder area and improve your flexibility. 

Lower Back Exercises

Pain in the lower back can make simple movements painful and difficult, such as getting off the couch, climbing into bed, and bending down to pick up objects. Lower back pain is one of the most common issues that chiropractic patients report having. Effective exercises that target the lower back include supine twists, pelvic tilts and balancing exercises such as the bird dog poses.  

Leg Flexibility Exercises

It is common for leg pain to develop because we rely on our legs for many day to day activities. If you suffer from knee or leg pain, exercises that help improve your flexibility can help relieve pain, stiffness and tension from issues like sciatica. Quadricep stretches, hamstring stretches and knee to chest stretches can eliminate soreness and stiffness in your legs. 

Always start off your exercises with a proper warm-up to avoid injury. If you are having difficulty doing exercises at home, try to have a spotter help you achieve and maintain proper form. For more information about how chiropractic treatment and home exercises can benefit you, arrange an appointment with an experienced and highly trained chiropractor now.

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